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Extruded plastic film for food, medical and tecnical sectors

At Tub-ex we produce PE plastic, PA plastic, plastic sheets, clear tubing, autoclave bags, test bags and nylon bags for multiple purposes, and these innovative plastic products are exported worldwide.


Plastic bags for the food industry

For the food industry, we produce bags suitable for cooking and curing of meat, i.e. sausages and ham. We also produce a special foil for smoking and salting fish, dryaging meat or maturing cheese. The award winning Tublin® bag has revolutionary qualities enabling water, smoke and a limited amount of oxygen to pass through but remains closed against bacteria and mould. The greatest advantage of this product is it’s ability to reduce product waste and improve yields.



Sterilizable plastic film for sample bags and packaging

Our plastic bags are also very suitable for the medical and technical industries because of their ability to keep products sterile. Among many purposes our products are used as sample bags for collecting soil samples in the EU, as test bags for environmental protection in Brazil as well as test bags for collecting evidence like fire debris during police investigations at Scotland Yard. Sterilizable film for packaging of medical devices and dental equipment are also an important part of our line of products.

We are always expanding our awareness towards other industries where tubular extruded film products are needed, and we are constantly improving our line of products and developing new products to make our assortment larger and more complete. The inspiration comes from our global network as well as from our staff who travel all over the world to visit exhibitions covering the plastic, packaging, food, medical and environment protection industries.

“Our award winning Tublin® film has a complete and consistent bacteria barrier, but let’s water through the foil at the same time.

This plastic film is ideal for aging, drying, smoking and maturing food products ensuring the highest level of food safety.”

Tublin® – an award winning plastic bag


 Food and Beverage Product Innovations Award

The Tublin® 10 bag won a Food and Beverage Product Innovations Award at the NRA Show 2011 in Chicago, USA, in 2011. The award was given in recognition of progressive food and beverage products that will make a significant impact in the restaurant industry. The Tublin® 10 bags are sold in the US under the name “UMAI DrybagSteak” by the company of the same name. See product video above.

Read more about our product innovation.

“With Tublin® we have managed to create a new food technology. While other companies focus on making a denser packaging to increase the lifetime of the foods, we chose to go the completely other way. We wanted to develop a more open packaging in order to allow for the old preservation methods but with modern food safety, and the Tublin® shows great results in taste, increased yields and limited waste.”



Revolutionary plastic foils for the food, medical and technical industry


Smoking and salting fish

In 2014 Universitat Politècnica de València in Spain published a survey showing great results for salting and smoking of fish in the Tublin® foil. Quote from the abstract published in Journal of Food Engineering, 2015:

“The new methodology is suitable to obtain smoke-flavoured salmon with similar physico-chemical characteristics and consumer acceptance to a commercial smoked salmon reducing processing steps and brine wastes.”

Read more about Tub-ex’ product innovation here or watch a video of the production process here.

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Cooking foods  •  DRYAGING MEAT   Maturing cheese  

Inner liners for gas pipes  •   SMOKING AND SALTING FISH 

Sample bags for evidence  •  Smoking ham    Environmental sample bags  


Emergency water pipes  •  MATURING MEAT    Sterilized film for medical products  

Temporary ventilation or exhaust pipes  

Endless tubes for packaging of long items

Bags for soil samples • Drying ginseng  



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